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Project Overview.

The Beginning:
It is all started in the Fall of 2017. Our start-up team encountered this interesting thought - "Right! There is no central place for new media creators to show their projects and connect with each other!". "Let's try to build one for this community." As we go down along the way, we started to gather more information of the why behind the scene and gain more insights by doing lots of customer interviews following the Lean Startup methodology. We kept pushing it, from hypothesis to interviews, to problem solution fit, and to UX design and finally it goes under development by our developers.

Project Type:
Work Project

Project Time:
08/2017 - 05/2018

My Role:
User Research, UX Design for Web, A little bit of Product Management

Background & Why? 

New media is all the creative work that uses technology in an interactive way. It is an intersection between art and technology. But current online platforms do not support the proper way of showcasing these work and often time, these projects are presented in a scattered and unorganized way.

The team I work with is a Startup, we want to re-imagine the possibilities of putting new media work together and connect all the new media creators around the world.

Work by Korena Collective HYBE

Work by Marta Di Francesco

Design Process Overview 

Design Process OverviewDesign Process Overview
User Research OverviewUser Research Overview

Stakeholders Interview

There are 3 main user segments for this product - student, pioneer, curator. I interviewed them with different questions in order to test our original hypotheses.

User Interview2User Interview2

White board analysis.

Diagram the problem

After the user research, I created Personas for differenct segments of users based on the information I collected through out all the interviews, in order to further identify the problem.

Identify ProblemIdentify Problem

Find opportunities

After the first round of problem identification. We decided to do a Customer Journey Map to pick the main pain points and find potential feature possibilities.

Customer Journey MapCustomer Journey Map

Test on opportunities

We asked users to vote for the top 4 opportunities we identified above. The result is "Upload Project" process is the most attractive one for them.

Opportunities and ideationOpportunities and ideation

Project Categories Design

One of the hardest things of designing platform for new media art field:
Identifying different categoires of work. There are so many ways of defining it, and the scope is usually not clear.


Before turning into low-fidelity wireframes, we did a brainstorming session to visualize a range of different categories, and have creators to vote for the ones that speak to them. 


Wireframes Sketches

After this brainstorming session, the idea for defining categories is much more clear. I started drafting the wireframes on paper based on all the insights I have got so far:
1. The main painpoints for uploading one project.
2. The common way from the exisiting solutions on the market.
3. The frequently used categories and tags. 


UX design iterations.


UX to UI design & Main Features.


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