Wave-washed Sand: An experience with an ancient Chinese poem

2017.04-2017.05 | Individual work

Arduino, 27 Solonoid Valves, 9 Air Pumps, Customised PCBs, Fans, Led Strips

Poems are written in words. But what stay with us are the emotions they provoke. Can I make a kinetic sculpture that can represent this inexpressible nature of one of my favourite poem?

Wave-washed Sands is an experience centered on a kinetic balloon sculpture based on an ancient Chinese poem, designed to bring a universal communication space for people, no matter what language they speak, what life experience they had, what cultural background they came from.

It is a 9 balloons sculpture. The central balloon represents the first person view of the imprisoned poet, and the rest 8 represent the surrounding world seen by the poet, the relationship between these two sides express the ineffable feelings between the lines of this poem. The poem is seperated into a 6 phases show performed by balloons,they use separate movements, such as inflation, deflation and vibration to speak for the poet and talk to their audience.

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