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xDaysOfMaking is a self exploration and learning process combining visual generation tools ( programming or existing softwares ) with poetry. Everyday I will make a small visual representation based on what I've learnt that day and the poem I choose. Most of the poems are coming from ancient Chinese poetry like The Book of Songs (诗经).

Since a lot of contents from this poetry collection are describing natural pattern and everyday things.The idea is to bring this content abstractly in the programming expression and brige human language with computer languge.

Starting Date: Jan 10 2017

Tools using:  three.js  |  shader(GLSL)  |  Cinder(C++)

day 016 | three.js , shader | Mar 27
code on GitHub  |  Live View

The tension is palpable. Our hearts best steadily for now. But are our minds at ease? 

day 015 | Cinder | code on GitHub

where the sky is only a, where the water isn't, you decide, that you'll 

day 014 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Live View

Endless insatiable, blinding me sweetly

day 013 | Cinder | code on GitHub

Tonight, every year, moon light shine as pure, afar is the love ones.

day 012 | three.js , shader | Feb 12
code on GitHub  |  Live View

A supple blossom, coupled with utter elation

day 011 | three.js | Feb 10th
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

Far in the clouds of north mountain, recluse chill and sing.

day 010 | three.js | Feb 5th 
code on GitHub  |  Live View

The moment we encountered, smiling, I saw the trees in paradise. It was bright, it was warm, it was blazing and shimmering.

day 009 | three.js , shader | Feb 1
code on GitHub  |  Live View

Plum gradually sparse, ice has been dissolved in warm. East wind blowing, quietly came the spring. Flowing with drifting water, homing to the end of the world.

day 008 | three.js , shader | Jan 26th
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

Icy cloud,dark sky; single boat, floating away, hilly-gully passing by, to the heart of river, down the roaring of waves, wind coming around, merchants greetings to each other, thousands of boats. lonely bird, ethereal singing, hollow nightfall.

day 007 | three.js , shader | Jan 19th
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

芙蓉落尽天涵水,日暮沧波起 。
Lotus sheds, sea melts into sky, and water waving around the rising sunset.

day 006 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

Water ripples in belle’s eyes,Mountain her brows darkly dyes.

day 005 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Live View

Did little, no excuse, no poem for today.

day 004 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Live View

Moist and crystal dew, never evaporate before sunrises. Let's party, and get wasted.

day 003 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

Luxuriant peach tree, flourish blossom, firm and squishy peaches, many many leaves.

day 002 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Play Here

Catfish,Cod,Salmon,Trout,Halibut...Awww countless fishes, we are so blessed.

day 001 | three.js , shader 
code on GitHub  |  Live View

In July, the fire fell to the west. In September the women sewed the winter clothes. The north wind blew in November, cold as ice in December.